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Acceptable Use Policy Template

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Every company should ensure their employees are aware of their Acceptable Use Policy — transparency is key. This example is an outline of the general use and ownership of employee devices, keeping proprietary information within the company, and other guidelines for employee email usage and BYOD policies. Use this as a starting framework for your company or to help improve your current policy.


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In this Acceptable Use Policy template, you’ll learn why having an acceptable use policy for employees is important. It guides how employees use and own devices, helps prevent data loss, stipulates how email communications should be conducted and puts policies in place for the increasing use of BYOD for business.

If you’re a security leader reviewing or building data protection policies, you will find this acceptable use policy example for business especially helpful. Why start from scratch when this BYOD acceptable use policy template can be easily adapted to your organization’s needs? Want to make sure your current policy covers all your needs? Don’t leave anything to chance. Start here with this example of acceptable use policy.

Download the Acceptable Use Policy template to get started today.