Enterprise Data Governance—that Actually Works—Begins with Endpoint Backup

Let’s face it. Users store business data on laptops and desktops, even if they’re not supposed to. And mission-critical data—including sensitive and privileged documents—exists exclusively on these endpoint devices.

Platform for security, control and productivity

As end-user data continues to shift from the data center to the edge (and seemingly beyond the reach of IT), CrashPlan is ideal for protecting and managing endpoint data. CrashPlan’s automatic, continuous data protection preserves every version of every file forever with no disruption to the end user.

Once your endpoint data is backed up and protected, a breadth of security, control and productivity initiatives can be deployed leveraging Code42’s platform.

Unlimited protection and infinite scalability

Code42 and CrashPlan have protected businesses from ten to more than 100,000 employees since 2008. CrashPlan seamlessly scales to protect the entire enterprise, yet a single admin can manage many thousands of endpoints from one console.

Your choice in cloud deployments

No matter the size of your deployment or your data security requirements, Code42’s solutions can be deployed on-premises in your data center, off-premises in Code42’s secure public cloud or in a hybrid cloud with features of both private and public clouds. Wherever your data is stored, you stay in complete control by keeping the encryption keys on-premises.

This is why more than 30,000 businesses and many of the world’s most prestigious universities choose Code42 and CrashPlan.

Many features to love.

Multi-Destination Backup … Data Security … Data De-Duplication … Unlimited Backups … Customizable Backup Sets … Data Seeding … Real-Time Reporting … Storage Management … Single Sign-On … Controlled Client Upgrades … Customizable Installers … Flexible File Selection … Mobile Data Access...

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