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It’s secure.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud: Deploy SharePlan in your data center on purpose-built, Code42-managed appliances or your own hardware. You call the shots: we deliver secure, on-premises enterprise file sync and share.

Managed Private Cloud: Make the most of an on-premises deployment using Code42’s finely tuned appliance that comes with 24x7 monitoring and support by the Code42 Customer Champion support team.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud from Code42 gives you the stringent security of private cloud combined with the infinite capacity and elasticity of the public cloud.

Public Cloud

Give users secure, unlimited file sync and share via a flexible security model that lets you keep encryption keys on-site.

User Roles

You pick who you want to share with based on how much access they should have. User access rights can be assigned based on read-only, read/write and admin privileges.

Proven Performance and Security

Leverages the same 4th-generation platform as the award-winning CrashPlan enterprise endpoint backup solution, giving you peace-of-mind that SharePlan is enterprise-ready.

Remote Wipe and Audit Trails

  • Maintain visibility and control of corporate data
  • Revoke access to corporate data as needed

Granular Administration and User Roles

Fine-tune profiles and settings to fit the way you want to manage and control sync/share operations.

Identity Management Support

Integrate seamlessly with Open Directory or Active Directory via LDAP and RADIUS for two-factor authentication.

Secure Link Sharing

Via PIN-protected links, securely and simply share files with anyone. Users manage and expire links without needing assistance from IT.

End-to-end Security

  • Data automatically encrypted via AES 256-bit before leaving the device, and remains encrypted in-transit and at rest
  • Identity management integrations and two-factor authentication also supported
  • Support compliance requirements—such as HIPAA—by deploying SharePlan on-premises

It’s smart.

Cross-platform Support

  • Sync and share from Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices
  • Enjoy a consistent user experience across different platforms and device types

Data De-duplication = Bandwidth Savings

Syncs only new/changed information within a file—not repeated information—via byte-differential/block-level data de-duplication.

Topology-aware Network Acceleration

  • Accelerates the transport of data by syncing data directly between users and/or their devices before syncing it to the server
  • Occurs when it's more efficient to transport data directly to devices located on the same network, in order to speed the delivery of files or updates to files
  • We like to refer to this as "LAN if you can, WAN if you must"

Universal Networking

Use whichever connection is available—wifi or cellular.

Invisible Client Footprint

Users work uninterrupted thanks to a lightweight client footprint and self-optimizing technology that gets out of the way when it detects end-user workloads.

Unified Admin Console/HTML5 Interface

  • Manage syncing and sharing for your entire enterprise—including policies, profiles and data retention—for all platforms, from a single console
  • Enforce data retention policies, ensure compliance and specify settings
  • And thanks to HTML5, the admin console looks just as great on your tablet as it does on your laptop or desktop

Open API

Create cutting-edge integrations and customizations to support your additional enterprise file sync and share needs.

Customizable Installers

  • Conduct automated, mass rollouts to any desktop platform using popular desktop management suites, such as JAMF Software Casper Suite.
  • Silent installs also supported

Controlled Client Upgrades

Upgrade production servers first, then manually test a small sample of client device upgrades before upgrading all client devices enterprise-wide.

Daily Integrity Tests

  • Detect and correct errors automatically on a daily basis to verify managed files can be synced and shared
  • Automated alerts notify admins of issues that cannot be corrected

Automatic, Optimized Storage Management

Optimize storage and bandwidth across all storage volumes:

  • Clusters and innovative mesh technology let admins assign any combination of servers and storage volumes into automatically managed destinations
  • Data balancing automatically equalizes archive storage across servers and storage volumes
  • I/O balancing assigns users to store points based on available I/O performance

Real-time, Customizable Reporting

  • Access live statistics and reports as they happen—rolled up for the entire enterprise
  • Easily drill down to individual users and devices
  • Develop customized reporting solutions using SharePlan’s REST API

Near-instantaneous File Sync

  • Enjoy near-instantaneous file sync if using SharePlan in conjunction with CrashPlan
  • Since CrashPlan constantly backs up data, the data on which you want to collaborate is already there, waiting for you
  • We like to call this “lift once, re-purpose many”

It’s simple.

Unlimited Syncing and Sharing

With SharePlan, unlimited really means unlimited: sync and share any size, type or number of files. No kidding.

In-place Management of Files

  • Sync and share files from where they were created or currently reside
  • No need to move or copy files to a separate folder or box in order to enable sync

Silent, Real-time File Synchronization

Data automatically transmits as soon as a change is detected.

Secure Mobile Access

View, edit, share and sync files from iOS or Android devices.

User-Created and -Managed Plans

Enable end users to quickly, easily create plans and adjust file access permissions without IT assistance.

Native File Management Integration

Easily add or manage SharePlan files in-place via Windows Explorer and Mac Finder integrations.

Native Clients

Maximize the user experience while minimizing the client footprint since all client applications are native to the operating system.

Versioning and Deleted File Retention

A version is created every time a user clicks save, making it simple for teams to go back in time to revert to previous versions or recover deleted files.

Proactive License Management

Receive proactive notifications of licenses needing a refresh via a console license screen displaying licensing by user counts and required refresh dates.