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Code42 Launches “Apple-ization of the Enterprise”

As rapid advances in technology give consumers more power for less money, they simultaneously make enterprise IT support significantly more challenging and complex.

With the explosion of operating systems, cloud services and access protocols, just trying to keep up with the latest releases is a full-time job. Then there’s security and compliance concerns, to say…

Classic Computing

One of our Customer Champions called me over to his desk last week, and proudly presented his latest acquisition:

Old Apple II Disks

My exclamation pretty much ceased all productivity within 20 meters. I was blown away! I hadn’t seen disks like this for over 30 years,…

CrashPlan Tips: Alerts and Reports

One of the CrashPlan features our customers like most is that it “just works.” It stays out of the way, so they can focus on what they’re doing, and not worry about backups.

But we understand some customers prefer proactive communication; they enjoy receiving updates telling them everything’s humming along. And anyone would want to know…

Backing Up Buckeyes

We’ve documented the growing trend of consumerization in IT. But it isn’t just the enterprise that needs to adapt to the massive influx of personal devices. Protecting university data on faculty/staff laptops and desktops is a priority for higher ed IT teams, especially with such a mobile workforce.

With critical research and academic data on so many endpoints,…

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