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Rethink risk and resilience

Do you know how many files your employees have uploaded, downloaded, emailed, messaged or shared today? Collaboration tools are great for productivity, but can create huge visibility gaps for security.

In the last five minutes:
  • Jacob in sales sent a confidential client list to his personal email
  • Sophia on the engineering team shared the product roadmap through a collaboration app on her phone
  • Jayden synced everything on his desktop – including your acquisition plans – to his personal cloud

All of these employees are creating risk for your organization. Don’t let your inside be your blindside.

Did you know?

Data from a 2021 study conducted by Code42 with Aberdeen Research

1 in 3

organizations report data breaches involve an insider – and about 80% of those are not malicious but unintended.


of organizations don’t have consistent, centralized visibility into their environments.


is the average number of data exposure events per user, per day.


of a company's annual revenue is what a breach can cost.


more likely a breach will happen on an endpoint than a server.

Transform your approach to managing Insider Risk

Insider Risk is created anytime a team member accidentally – or not – shares data or files outside of trusted parties. It includes data loss, leaks, theft, sabotage and espionage – and it happens every day, just in the normal course of business. We believe that organizations should never compromise their speed of innovation or the safety of their data. That’s why the Code42 Insider Risk Management (IRM) approach fundamentally shifts the data security mindset to focus on results that deliver business value. Get started with your IRM program in 5 simple steps.

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Code42 Incydr for Insider Risk Management

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