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How Incydr prioritizes risk

Incydr prioritizes your highest risk users and events so you can clearly differentiate between harmless file movement and true data leak or theft.

When monitoring file activity, Incydr watches for file, vector, and user Insider Risk Indicators (IRIs). IRIs are activities or characteristics that indicate corporate data is at risk of exposure or exfiltration.

Incydr assigns a numerical risk score to every IRI. These scores are totaled to determine the overall risk of a detected event and its severity. IRI severities allow Incydr and security teams to take a use-case centric approach to Insider Risk Management.

If needed, Incydr administrators can adjust the model to fit their own risk tolerance. Risk settings allow administrators to modify how users and events are prioritized. Incydr’s trust settings tell Incydr what activity it should de-prioritize, like activity with trusted domains. This prevents approved file activity from triggering alerts or cluttering dashboard views. Check out Incydr’s extensive library of IRIs here.

Integrating Your Tech Stack with Code42

Code42 partners with leading technology providers your organization is already using, allowing you to automate and streamline incident response processes related to insider data risk.

Code42 integrates with Okta to provision additional user attributes including department, manager, and employment type to enhance monitoring of users more likely to put data at risk, such as contractors or departing employees. Learn more

Code42 integrates with Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR to accelerate insider threat incident response and automate remediation procedures for potential data exfiltration across computers, email, cloud and SaaS apps. Learn more

Code42's workflow automation feature enables security teams to customize insider risk tasks and cross-functional processes to reduce time spent on manual tasks and speed incident response times. Learn more

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“If it wasn’t for the Code42 ability to actually see the files, we wouldn’t really understand what the person is doing... it provides us both speed and thoroughness of investigations.”
– Tim Briggs, Director of Incident Response and eDiscovery at Crowdstrike

Learn how Incydr protects business data

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