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Replacing Symantec DLP? Take A New Approach To Data Risk

Leave DLP behind with a better, risk-based approach to protect your data.

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Why traditional data protection tools like Symantec DLP fall short

Data loss prevention (DLP) tools like Symantec DLP utilize classification and policies (aka “rules”) to identify sensitive data, trigger alerts and block file activities. With DLP, the system is only as good as your rules:

  • Make rules too sensitive and you trigger false positive alerts that block legitimate work
  • Make rules too specific and high-value data slips past your defenses

The constant fine-tuning drains security time and money while damaging employee productivity. Ultimately, a rules-based approach provides a false sense of security for businesses: 69% of organizations with a DLP still experience an insider data breach.

Symantec DLPCode42 IncydrTM
ApproachRules-based, compliance centric & limited visibilityRisk-based
Data RiskCategorize data that matters: Anything that doesn’t match policy is not logged or monitoredFull visibility into all file activity across computers, cloud and email systems to accurately assess data exposure
SignalCreates excessive, and often false positive alerts, meaning risky events are lost in noiseHigh-fidelity signals inform alerts to distinguish between trusted and untrusted activity
ResponseCan monitor and alert but highly focused on blocking file exfiltrationPrioritizes Incydr Risk Indicators for fast, informed response
Employee CollaborationDisrupts legitimate collaboration and encourages circumventionBuilt to enable secure collaboration

Supported EnvironmentWindows and Mac (Lagging support for new macOS versions)Environment agnostic: Windows, Mac, Linux, G Suite or Microsoft 365
Deployment TimeMonths or years until full deployment is completeDeploys in 48 hours; assess data risk in under 2 weeks
System ComplexityConsistent maintenance required to fine-tune policiesComprehensive monitoring with no policy setup

How Incydr Works

A better way to protect data for the collaborative enterprise

With Incydr, your valuable files and IP (ex: source code, customer data, product roadmaps) are protected across web, cloud storage, email and apps without overwhelming security teams or inhibiting employee productivity.

  • Minimize time spent defining and maintaining policies because Incydr monitors all file activity
  • Automatically prioritize your highest data risks with Incydr Risk Indicators and investigate with contextual information on the file and user
  • Reduce admin time with high-fidelity alerts that surface risk that goes unnoticed by DLP
  • Eliminate the blind spots of policy-based approaches

What our customers are saying about Incydr

“If it wasn’t for the Code42 Incydr ability to actually see the files, we wouldn’t really understand what the person is doing…it provides us both speed and thoroughness of investigations”

Tim Briggs, Director of Incident Response and eDiscovery at CrowdStrike

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