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Insider Risk Management Leader

Innovation, protected.

Move from guard to guide

Security teams rose to the challenge during an unprecedented crisis, helping their organizations to suddenly support an entire remote staff while keeping data safe – effectively overnight. Now, as organizations gradually and cautiously move out of adapt-or-die mode into the post-pandemic era, security teams have the opportunity to reimagine data security.


Estimated Return on Investment


Code42 Product Deployments

14 days

Typical Deployment

Code42 Products


Enterprise data protection

Incydr gives you the visibility, context and control needed to stop data leak and IP theft.

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Insider Risk employee education

Instructor provides education for who, where and when it’s needed most to reduce Insider Risk.

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Use Cases

Explore other Incydr use cases

Remote Workers

Remote workers introduce new security challenges. We help you manage the risk of off-network activity when employees work from home.

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IP Theft

76% of companies have experienced IP loss. Stop your crown jewels from being stolen.

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Departing Employees

Most employees take data with them when they leave for their next job. We make sure your most valuable files stay with you.

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Gartner Peer Insights
Incydr sees all

Published 9/21/21

“The ability to see where all our data is going is invaluable. Tracking where our documents go is an eye opener. Web-based emails, social media, zip files, renaming of files to obscure contents. This was exactly what we needed and since this is tied into our desktop backup system it was a no brainer to deploy this product.”

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Easy to implement, configure, and use!

Published 6/3/21

“Service and support has been excellent. Knowledge-base documentation is well written and clear. It’s very easy to find what I need quickly. Information is presented in the dashboard in a very clear way, making things super easy to understand. Professional services has been very helpful.”

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One of the best tools I have experienced

Published 6/22/21

“The tool gives amazing monitoring to the endpoint and tracks the activity related to the file movement. The Investigate and filter part is really impressive and useful to triage the alert further and take the required actions based on the activity. The most Advanced Feature is downloading the file in real-time and making solid evidence to prove yourself.”

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Insider Risk Management for the modern enterprise

Gone are the days of clear network borders, sensitive data in limited repositories, and hard shell/soft interior strategies. This new era presents an opportunity to build an Insider Risk Management (IRM) program that recognizes the new diffuse and mobile reality. 

With visibility to all possible data exposure risks and contextual evaluation of those activities, IRM programs can ultimately improve an organization’s risk posture while promoting the way employees work and innovate now.


Transform your approach to managing Insider Risk