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Pandemic Fallout Creates Perfect Conditions For Insider Threat


Organizations around the world have moved quickly to send users to work from home, reduce staff and take other cost-control actions. While these steps are necessary, they combine to create ideal conditions for insider threat. Organizations have dabbled in DLP (Data Loss Prevention) and UEBA (User Entity Behavior Analytics) only to realize these solutions may have shortfalls in this next-normal. Is security ready for a new approach? Where does Zero Trust need to fit into this strategy?


In this webcast, we will cover:

  • What risk looks like in new and evolving insider threat scenarios
  • How to apply Zero Trust controls to sensitive data and systems in order to control and monitor access
  • How to understand and apply data-centric models to gain intelligence for existing DLP and UEBA solutions


About the Author

As Chief Technology Officer, Rob leads our software development and delivery teams. He brings more than 20 years of security, cloud, virtualization, mobile and IT management experience to Code42. Although Rob grew up as a hacker, he’s happy to be on the “good side,” working alongside many CIO’s/CISO's of Fortune 500 companies to ensure their networks and users are secure.

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