Employees quit. Make sure your trade secrets don't go with them.

Avoid data loss surprises as a result of employee departures. Detect, investigate and respond to insider threat before damage is done.

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Get real protection from insider threats

Odds are you’re experiencing an insider threat right now. Here are three of the most common times when employees put data at risk.

Code42 is data loss detection and response made faster and simpler through:

Historical breadth
  • Collect file activity from computers and cloud
  • Preserve copies of files for as long as needed
Forensic depth
  • Log all user file activity for 90 days
  • Get details on data exfiltration events
File Access
  • Access files to determine sensitivity
  • Restore deleted or modified files
  • Recover files from lost and stolen laptops

"It's Time for Next-Generation Data Loss Prevention"

According to Forrester, data loss prevention is critical to Zero Trust, but legacy DLP has failed. It's time for DLP to stop putting a strain on security and IT and hindering employee productivity.


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