Improve Security Awareness

Apply risk insights to educate employees on their role in protecting corporate data

Studies show 68% of all insider incidents are due to negligence or error. This is one of the core reasons for a security awareness program. Security teams must educate employees on their role in protecting corporate data, including the policies and procedures to follow and common mistakes they should avoid.

Security teams can take a more proactive approach to training employees when they understand where they're currently most susceptible to insider threat. Relevant insights include the types of applications employees have access to, trends and changes in their file activity, and how often security policies are being violated.

Incydr Solution

Incydr is a SaaS data risk detection and response product that allows security teams to effectively mitigate file exposure and exfiltration risks without disrupting legitimate collaboration. It identifies gaps in processes, training and technologies so you can adjust and inform your security awareness efforts.


Here's how

  • Inform employees that the security team monitors data movement in order to protect corporate data and, ultimately, their jobs. This transparency builds trust and discourages exfiltration.
  • Ensure employees know and understand your NDA, Acceptable Use and Access Control policies.
  • Deploy Incydr to detect file sharing and exfiltration across computers, cloud and email through an agent and direct cloud and email integrations.
  • From the dashboard, you'll get a company-wide view of all file movement to untrusted destinations. This includes 1-, 7-, 30- and 90-day trends for all web uploads, removable media, Airdrop transfers, and use of personal apps like Slack, Dropbox and OneDrive.
  • Organizations use this information to pinpoint policies that must be reinforced with training. Incydr may also reveal functional issues employees have with the technology available to them, such as file size limitations that force them to find unsanctioned workarounds. Knowing this, you can offer valid alternatives.
  • Security teams can use Incydr to measure the effectiveness of their security awareness program by watching if unsanctioned activity decreases over time. They can also send security training as a response when employees take the wrong action so they can minimize negligent errors in the future.

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