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Each month we continue to deliver next-level innovation to help you outpace and outsmart Insider Risk. There's a lot going on, and we do our best to cover what's new in 2 minutes or less with our monthly Code42 in 2' video series. Watch this month's video highlighting the newest product enhancements.

Latest release notes

New Comprehensive Risk Prioritization Model

Incydr introduces a new numeric scoring framework to identify and prioritize Insider Risk. Based on over 60 individual risk indicators, Incydr highlights the file activity and user behaviors that create the greatest file exfiltration and exposure risk, helping you quickly identify and respond to the most critical risks to your data.

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Feature Release Highlights

New Incydr Flows

Incydr Flows are no-code automated integrations that add context and accelerate response to Insider Risk. Response and Context Flows make it easy to automate response controls that are in alignment with your risk tolerance.

New risk indicators identify anomalous exfiltration activity

Two new risk indicators, First use of destination and Rare use of destination, highlight infrequent use of cloud storage destinations, browser uploads, and Airdrop destinations. These risk indicators help you identify new and noteworthy behavior, enabling you to more easily prioritize which file activity may require additional investigation.

New Security Administrator Role

The new Security Administrator role grants permissions to manage the infrastructure of your Incydr environment, but not view the user activity details of insider risk investigations.

Improved File Upload Risk Detection

In addition to Incydr's existing list of user-defined trusted domains, trust is now also automatically inferred for any cloud data connections configured for monitoring by Code42, allowing you to better identify untrusted activity in cloud services that use the same domain for both personal and corporate accounts.

New Microsoft Office 365 Data Connector

This native connector monitors all file attachments included on a sent email. Incydr ingests the data exposure, detected by the O365 email data connector, and correlates it with additional file, exfiltration vector and user context to surface Insider Risk Indicators (IRIs).

New criteria-based Alert builder

Reduce noise and better tailor alerts by easily mixing and matching rule settings based on the file activity your organization has identified as risky. We’ve also added seven new recommended rules into Alerts.

New roles for Incydr

New roles for Incydr simplify role assignment and enable you to grant more granular permissions to users responsible for managing, detecting, and responding to insider risks. View the complete list of new roles.

New roles for device management

New Org Computer Modify and Cross Org Computer Modify roles provide more granular control over managing devices. For example, assign in conjunction with a help desk role to enable support personnel to add and deactivate user devices.

Technical Tip

Did you know you can implement trusted domains within Code42 Incydr to get better risk signal?

Using trusted domains preferences in Incydr, you can filter out the noise of harmless activity to better surface personal and untrusted file events. Trusted activity is still monitored should you need to review it, but it won't trigger unnecessary alerts. or show in dashboards.

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