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Each month we continue to deliver next-level innovation to help you outpace and outsmart Insider Risk. There's a lot going on, and we do our best to cover what's new in 2 minutes or less with our monthly Code42 in 2' video series. Watch this month's video highlighting the newest product enhancements.

Latest release notes

Feature Release Highlights

Unified username search across endpoints, cloud and email

In Forensic Search, the Username search filter now returns results for endpoint, cloud, and email file events.

Code42 app version 8.6

New features and enhancements for Code42 app version 8.6 were made on March 15, 2021. For a full list of updates, visit our support site.

New destination-focused dashboard

On the Incydr User Profile and Risk Exposure dashboard, we've added a destination-focused tile to help you find the most critical information you need, faster. This will provide Security analysts greater signal and speed for investigating insider risk.

Improved detection for browser upload events

When a user accesses more than one browser tab while file uploads are in progress, the event details in Forensic Search, Cases, and Alerts now list all tab titles and URLs visited during that upload. This helps provide a more complete view of user activity.

Quickly add multiple events to a Case

During the course of an investigation, a security analyst may identify more than one event in a forensic search result that is relevant to a case. Forensic Search now includes a multi-select option, which enables you to quickly and efficiently add multiple file events to a case.

Code42 Developer Portal

Develop your own REST-based application leveraging the Code42 API for automation and scripting. Visit the newly launched Developer Portal for technical resources to get you started.

Secure data throughout employee tenure with risk detection lenses

Throughout an employee’s tenure at your company, their access to data can evolve, creating opportunities that may put data at risk. This might be through onboarding a new employee, monitoring employees you deem a flight-risk, a departing employee or those with poor security practices or knowledge. No matter the situation, Incydr Advanced risk detection lenses will help increase your ability to detect and respond when employees put valuable data at risk.

Explore risk detection lenses

Technical Tip

Did you know that you can customize applications monitored for file exfiltration? By default, Incydr monitors applications such as web browsers, Slack, Airdrop, FileZilla, FTP and cURL. You can easily add monitoring for additional applications such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Zoom and Amazon Chime in order to detect file exfiltration that signals risk for your organization.

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