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Feature Release Highlights

New navigation menu

The Code42 console introduces a new and improved top navigation menu, providing access to all the components of your environment. The horizontal orientation of the menu makes the console easier to use than ever before and increases the area in which to view all of your insider risk data.

Retrieve device logs

Administrators now have the ability to use the Code42 console to retrieve Code42 app logs from user devices to use in troubleshooting.

Client 8.5 release

Code42 version 8.5 provides a few bug fixes. 

Supported operating systems and web browsers

You can always find updates to supported operating systems and web browsers in Code42's quarterly recap.

Technical Tip

Are you or your security team looking to protect data from Insider Risk? Code42 IncydrTM speeds the time it takes to detect and respond to data risk and leverages the same agent you have deployed today.

Talk to your Customer Success Manager about how you can try Incydr in your own environment. 

Learn more about Incydr

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