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Any file. Any size. Anywhere.

Code42’s SharePlan securely distributes files without limits on size, type or number of files. Since files can change often, SharePlan is also smart, sending only the data that changed instead of the whole file—making sync fast and efficient.

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  • Unlimited Sync + Share

    Unlimited really means unlimited. No limits on storage, file size, file type or number of files.

  • Link Sharing

    Easily send links to files via email, instant message or text to give others access to the most up-to-date version of files.

  • Email Attachment Replacement

    Take the guesswork out of how to send large files by using SharePlan links, and simultaneously reduce the number of email attachments.

  • Data De-Duplication

    Byte-differential/block-level data de-duplication means only new/changed information within a file is synced, saving time and bandwidth.

  • Smarter + Faster Syncing

    SharePlan works on the premise of “LAN if you can, WAN if you must” by securely moving data directly between devices on the same network before syncing to the server.

  • FTP Replacement

    SharePlan removes the need for outdated FTP sites by letting users easily, securely share any file type or size.

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    Leveraging Secure File Sync & Share to Enable Enterprise Productivity

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    Solving the Online File-Sharing Problem: Replacing Rogue Tools with the Right Tools

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