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Streamline e-Discovery and legal hold.

Code42’s CrashPlan facilitates endpoint data retention and collection by silently and continuously backing up every version of every file created and stored on laptops and desktops. Deploy data access and protection policies in real-time via the Code42 administration console, simplifying the identification, preservation and capture of endpoint data, and automating data ingestion into e-Discovery systems using Code42’s open API.

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  • Preserve-in-Place Legal Holds

    Move users to new groups and automatically lock data retention policies in real-time without affecting existing backups, impacting productivity or interfering with legal holds.

  • Accelerate e-Discovery

    Easily send data currently under legal hold to legal teams or e-Discovery systems via “push restore,” or automate the process using the Code42 API.

  • Silent, Continuous + Unlimited

    CrashPlan automatically backs up all data—continuously, without disrupting users—eliminating the need for manual data collection and re-collection.

  • Complete Audit Trails

    Track every change to every file to ensure that no tampering occurred once a legal hold went into effect.

  • API Integrations

    Automate ingestion of endpoint data into e-Discovery solutions to provide additional visibility and insight into collected data via the Code42 API.

  • Easier Compliance Management

    Enforce data retention policies, specify backup scheduling, and adjust information security settings across multiple operating systems and devices through a single, real-time dashboard.

  • Granular Access Controls

    Role-based administration that supports your existing directory services lets you automate tasks like adjusting retention policies and limiting user access to data under legal hold.

  • End-to-End Data Security

    Automatically encrypt data at the source device, in-transit and at rest in storage while keeping encryption keys behind the firewall—regardless of your deployment model.

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