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Expert Guidance On Insider Risk Management Programs

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Ensure your program development, operations and maturity

Code42 is the only Insider Risk vendor to offer Expert services to help you build and maintain an effective IRM program. We help you save time by providing the tools and guidance needed to create a transparent, sustainable and measurable program that protects sensitive data without getting in the way of employee collaboration and productivity.

Expert Services Benefits

Deliver an efficient & effective Insider Risk Management program in less time.

Program Development

We help you establish and streamline internal communications, policies, controls and related processes in alignment with your company’s cultural values and risk profile.

Program & Technology Operations

Our Insider Risk Advisors share best practices on how to incorporate Code42’s products into your daily operations. We’ll review product usage, help you tune it for maximum value, and provide expert guidance in automating critical workflows.

Program Maturity

We’ll help you develop and formalize key measures to track the progress of your IRM program and share with you recommendations on internal reporting and communication with key stakeholders such as your executive team and board of directors.

Expert Services Offerings

We’ll guide you on all the must-have aspects of program development, operations, and program maturity.

Advisory Services Offerings
Feature Name Foundation Global
Program Development
Policy & Communications Development
IRM Internal Process Development
Global Policy Considerations and Development
Product & Technology Operations
Advanced Configuration, Tuning and Optimization Guidance
In-depth Process and Metrics Analysis and Guidance
Program Maturity
Expert Guidance to Prove the Value of Your IRM Program
In-depth Risk Quantification and Controls Mapping
Maturity Planning

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Code42 Was Instrumental In Making Our Insider Threat Management Dreams A Reality

Published 5/2/21

“Code42 worked with us to make our insider threat program a reality. The Code42 security success team helped validate and shape the program definition itself while the technical team were instrumental enabling us to roll out the solution to our global fleet on a very aggressive timeline.”

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Valuable Visibility and Insight

Published 11/9/20

“Code42 has been a key partner in developing our Insider Threat Program. We needed a control to validate and record what had been a blind spot for our organization. Code42 delivered these capabilities and more.”

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