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Insider Risk Management (IRM): Stop Corporate Data Loss Without Disrupting Employees


Insider Risk is becoming a major concern amongst security leaders. The 2021 Data Exposure Report found that employees were nearly twice as likely to leak data today than they were pre-COVID. And to make matters worse, the remote workforce has rendered the traditional perimeter obsolete. Security teams now have to consider and protect hundreds of potential data exfiltration vectors like sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud productivity and collaboration tools.


Watch cybersecurity expert Mark Wojtasiak, VP of Research & Strategy at Code42, and Holger Schulze, CEO and Founder Cybersecurity Insiders, discuss the value of taking a proactive Insider Risk Management (IRM) approach to data protection and what it takes to stop corporate data leaks without disrupting employee productivity or collaboration.


Topics covered in this webcast:

  • Why legacy approaches to data loss prevention don’t work
  • What you can do to identify where your corporate data is most exposed
  • How IRM approaches can help to protect your users and data from security risks


About the Author

As vice president of Insider Risk Security Research & Strategy at Code42, Mark leads the market research, competitive intelligence and product marketing teams. Mark joined Code42 in 2016 bringing more than 20 years of B2B data storage, cloud and data security experience with him, including several roles in marketing and product management at Seagate.

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Resources to help {} mitigate Insider Risk.