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IDC Analyst Connection: Insider Risk Management

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The extensive remote work environment ushered in by COVID has become significantly less secure. Even today, the lack of security control persists to an unsettling degree — driving the need for better management of Insider Risk. Christina Richmond, IDC Program Vice President for Security Services, shares her views on what has led to the formation of Insider Risk Management as the newest security category and how companies can take steps to get there.


This report will discuss:

  • How digital transformation and the pandemic gave rise to security’s newest category – Insider Risk Management (IRM)
  • Why the conversation has shifted away from insider threat to Insider Risk
  • What companies are already doing to embrace IRM and steps they need to take to get there


About the Author

Christina Richmond is the Program Vice President for IDC’s Security Services research practice. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of the program. Core research coverage for the team includes, but is not limited to, security consulting, integration, and managed services. In addition, the team looks at services that help organizations adopt emerging technologies like Cloud, Edge, and IoT as well as key focus areas such as Risk, Data Privacy and Compliance. Christina brings a wealth of security services expertise and knowledge to the position and is frequently sought after by IT security executives to share her research and insights on dynamics and trends in the security industry.

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