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Insider Risk Management for Dummies


Insider Risk Management for Dummies is your guide to a new way of looking at data risk from within your organization. This book examines all sides of today’s and tomorrow’s Insider Risk issues and offers up-to-date ideas for resolving them.


A sneak peek of what's inside:

  • A detailed journey through the world of Insider Risk, including an examination of how virtual work technologies spark innovation while increasing data risk
  • Why some traditional data protection approaches don’t work in today’s environment
  • A data security alternative that illuminates blind spots, takes risk tolerance into account, keeps tabs on results and gets the workforce onboard as advocates for better data security


About the Author

Steve Kaelble is the author of many books in the For Dummies series, and his writing has also been published in magazines, newspapers, and corporate annual reports. When not immersed in the For Dummies world or writing articles, he engages in healthcare communications.

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