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File Sync and Share Made Simple

Cross-platform, unlimited sync and share gives IT and end users unmatched simplicity and control


Today’s employees use multiple devices to get their work done. In fact, a recent Forrester Research report found that 66 percent of employees now use two or more devices every day. They switch devices throughout the day; to keep working without disruption, they need all their data on whichever device they’re using at the moment.

These mixed environments create new challenges for IT teams—IT admins are now tasked with providing users access to synced and shared files on any platform, any device and any network.

And that’s no easy feat. If the user experience changes from device to device, adoption drops and organizations again battle with employees preferring less-secure, consumer-grade sync and share options. But really, who can blame them? No one wants to use a different application—or learn yet another way to use the same application—just because you’re now working on a different device.

Our Strategy

Secure Data, Users Who Keep Working

Code42’s goal is to provide IT teams and end users with a smart, simple file sync-and-share interaction that enables workers to just keep working. Our “device-enthusiastic,” seamless sync and share across platforms means users work on whichever device they desire: the experience remains the same.

Unobtrusive, With a Light Client Footprint

When we were developing SharePlan, we wanted to make sync and share simple. Really simple in fact. We believe syncing and sharing should be a highly secure, unobtrusive, friendly application running with a light footprint on client devices.

Unlimited = Unlimited

Also at Code42: unlimited really means unlimited. We place no limits on file type and size, so IT rests assured users can securely sync and share corporate data without constraints.

Available Today

SharePlan is a secure, enterprise-ready file sync and share platform that facilitates smart, real-time collaboration across all devices. IT maintains complete visibility and control through an easy-to-use admin console, while users enjoy a solution that just keeps working.

SharePlan eliminates barriers to sharing business information while also protecting your company’s critical assets. Documents are synced between users, platforms and devices seamlessly, in the background. Once you add people to your plan, and they’ve logged in to SharePlan (on the device of their choice), they can view and edit files in the plan. Changes sync automatically and in real-time on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Computer with files

Consistent, Cross-Platform Experience

Native apps run the way your users expect—and with the Mac Finder and Windows Explorer integrations, it’s easy to turn a folder and its files into a shared plan.

Additionally, SharePlan leverages OS-specific notification systems, so extra training is not necessary. And there’s no required “drag and drop” to a special folder or web site in order to share files; your users work the way they always have, but now they have the added benefit of syncing and sharing files the way they’ve always wanted.

In-Place, Continuous Sync

Because SharePlan runs continuously in the background, as soon as you authenticate on your device, you have access to your data with no need to refresh. Behind the scenes, data transmits as soon as a change is detected, keeping synced or shared files updated.

Additionally, SharePlan utilizes Code42’s industry leading data de-duplication technology, so only the changed bytes of data—not the whole file—are transferred, and files are updated in real time.

Versioning and Deleted File Retention

A version is created every time a user clicks SAVE—making it simple for teams to go back in time to revert to previous versions or recover deleted files. SharePlan saves versions and deleted files for 30 days.

Topology-Aware Network Acceleration

SharePlan’s distributed, topology-aware acceleration capabilities speed the transport of data by syncing directly between users and/or their devices before syncing to the server. This occurs when it is more efficient to transport directly to devices on the same network, facilitating near real-time file updates. This approach avoids latencies from data having to first sync to the server, then to the device. We refer to this unique capability as “LAN if you can, WAN if you must.”

Built To Be Built-In

The flexibility of our open API lets you integrate SharePlan with your other enterprise applications. No additional investment for outside workarounds—you customize what you need, right in the app, in the language of your choice.


From day one, SharePlan supports Windows 7 and 8; Mac OS X; Android; iOS; as well as a web client application.

Full Control

SharePlan Managed Private Cloud gives you the physical control of an on-premises deployment with the public cloud’s management and ease. Our solution features a finely tuned Code42 appliance that’s monitored and supported 24x7 by Customer Champions working as an extension of your IT team.

From the Makers of CrashPlan

Code42 has successfully managed and protected more than four exabytes of data for seven years. Our proven, scalable platform is trusted by more than 5,000 organizations globally—some of them the biggest brands in the world—to protect the sensitive corporate data and intellectual property stored on their endpoints.