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Enterprise-Ready Sync from Day 1

From the makers of CrashPlan comes smart, secure sync and share


There’s no doubt consumer-grade sync and share solutions are convenient, but it’s the risk they introduce to the enterprise that keeps IT leaders up at night.

According to a 2013 study, 87 percent of employees surveyed knew their companies had an IT policy forbidding “rogue” file storing and sharing practices, yet 41 percent admitted to ignoring these policies.

And it’s not without a price: unintentional data compromises cause financial hardship—nearly $2 billion, according to the study—and reputational damage for businesses and their customers.

Luckily, there is such a thing as “enterprise-grade” sync and share, meeting IT teams’ needs for solutions that combine corporate-level security and management capabilities with the ease-of-use employees demand.

But what really constitutes an enterprise-grade sync and share solution? To get a second glance from enterprise IT, sync and share solutions must, at a minimum, include the basic business feature sets: security, integrations, roles and permissions, audit trails, remote wipe, comprehensive APIs, real-time administration, bandwidth controls and de-duplication.

Our Strategy

Our goal—with all Code42 solutions—is to empower IT to better protect, manage and serve the entire organization. We provide enterprises with the ultimate flexibility and choice in data control—from public and hybrid clouds, to Code42’s managed private cloud solution combining the physical security of an on-premises deployment with the management and ease of our public cloud.

That same flexibility approach persists throughout all the features we developed for SharePlan—our enterprise file sync and share solution. With SharePlan, we wanted to give enterprises unmatched choice in cloud and security deployment models, an open API, cross-platform support and various sync options. It’s your data—you should get to choose what happens to it.

A Head Start on Enterprise-Readiness

Code42 spent the last seven years successfully managing and protecting more than four exabytes of endpoint data, in the process developing a wealth of knowledge about the best ways to properly manage enterprise data. Our platform is trusted by more than 5,000 organizations globally—including some of the biggest brands in the world—to secure the sensitive corporate data andintellectual property stored on their endpoint devices. In fact, some of their deployments scale to hundreds of thousands of devices. And our Code42 Customer Champion team provides world-class enterprise support with a 96 percent customer satisfaction rating.

Computer with files

Proven, Scalable I/O Engine

Code42’s I/O engine is at the core of what we do, powering our award-winning CrashPlan enterprise endpoint backup and SharePlan enterprise file sync and share solutions. The engine offers an intuitive, single admin console for managing orgs, users and devices for both SharePlan and CrashPlan—saving IT loads of time, headaches and support tickets. It’s so simple and smart, just one admin can manage thousands of users.

Available Today

SharePlan is a secure, enterprise-ready file sync and share platform that facilitates smart, real-time collaboration across all devices. IT maintains complete visibility and control through an easy-to-use admin console, while users enjoy a solution that just keeps working.

First Things First: Secure File Sync and Share

AES 256-bit encryption locks down data before transport, and keeps it encrypted in-transit and at rest. In addition, each plan and each user has its own security key.

And SharePlan impresses security pros with its built-in features for remote wipe; audit trails; and identity management integrations with directory services, single sign-on, and two-factor authentication.

Ridiculously Easy—Yet Really Robust—Administration

Enterprise IT teams benefit from SharePlan’s unified, real-time administration. Its proven policies and permissions manage all users, devices and plans across the enterprise with ease. And, one admin can simply manage thousands of users from a single console (bonus for those who also use’s the same console!).

Built Using Its Own Open API

Our API allows IT to manage orgs, users, devices and plans across the enterprise with extreme ease. For example, you may want to automate your user onboarding and offboarding; automate compliance (i.e. search for files); or add “storage” to apps lacking easy versioning. Users benefit, too, because sync and share functionality can be added to other existing client applications.


Be ready for whatever your users carry. From day one, SharePlan’s OS-native applications run on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Since Code42 is “device-enthusiastic,” SharePlan:

  • Offers a simple, consistent experience across all operating systems, device types and its web-based application
  • Supports Windows 7 and 8, Mac OS X, Android and iOS

Topology-Aware Network Acceleration

SharePlan’s distributed, topology-aware acceleration capabilities speed the transport of data by syncing directly between users and/ or their devices before syncing to the server. This occurs when it is more efficient to transport directly to devices on the same network, facilitating near real-time file updates. This approach avoids latencies from data having to first sync to the server, then to the device. We refer to this unique capability as “LAN if you can, WAN if you must.”

Ultimate Enterprise Deployment

SharePlan’s Managed Private Cloud gives you the physical control of an on-premises deployment with the public cloud’s management and ease. Our solution features a finely tuned Code42 appliance that’s monitored and supported 24x7 by Customer Champions working as an extension of your IT team.