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CrashPlan Overview + Benefits

CrashPlan from Code42 protects laptops and desktops with continuous, automatic backup—and that's just the beginning.

CrashPlan endpoint backup is so easy to administer and so reliable that I can just set it, and forget it.
Alfred Smith, Systems Administrator for Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems and Global Solutions division
The CrashPlan console gives full visibility of all protected devices and data in a single dashboard. Admin checks are quick and easy; I can log in, make sure the server is functioning, ensure that reports are running and that clients are not sitting without backup.
Dennis Magbata, Service Desk Supervisor for TaylorMade

Focus on security

The enterprise is focused on data security and protection for good reasons. With roughly 500 times more data stored on a single device than a decade ago, the power to do more is exponential—and the risk of data loss is amplified. Most disaster recovery plans focus on data center servers and disk arrays; but almost two thirds of corporate data lives outside the data center on laptops.

Experience the best in endpoint data protection and management

CrashPlan, from Code42, is a secure endpoint backup solution that protects files created and stored on desktops and laptops—wherever they go.

Trusted by more than 37,000 businesses—including the most recognized brands and prestigious universities in the world—CrashPlan provides automatic, continuous data protection without disrupting end users.

CrashPlan gives IT full visibility of all protected devices and data in a single dashboard, enabling IT to balance data security and control with end-user productivity. Enterprise IT gets a comprehensive solution for protecting and managing user data, and employees know their data will always be there when they need it.

Start protecting thousands of users quickly and easily

Built on the Code42 platform, CrashPlan enables protection and management of users and data through a single console, with easy deployment to users via systems management tools. Roles and permissions are easily mapped using directory services integration. Rollouts are painless and fast—even for organizations with more than 100,000 users.

Count on platform-agnostic backup and DIY restore

Built with rigorous security and identity management features, CrashPlan works on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms, and enables file restore to any device. Log fewer help desk tickets when end users can locate and restore files on their own.

Reduce migration time, managed services time and costs

The number one driver of data migration is technology refresh, followed by consolidation and relocation. While data migrations are routine, they pose known risks—including data loss and corruption, unexpected downtime and lease overruns.

CrashPlan mitigates risk of data loss by ensuring all data is protected before migration, and both IT and end users can initiate device replacements for a streamlined migration experience.

Cloud choice
Gives you the choice between cloud deployments—including 100% on-premises, hybrid cloud or data storage in the secure Code42 cloud.
Protection everywhere
Replaces legacy systems with centralized, cloud-based endpoint backup that works across geographies, platforms and devices.
Encryption key management
Meets data security and privacy requirements with end-to-end encryption, choice of cloud deployments and option to keep encryption keys on-premises.
Backs up every version of every file automatically; de-duplicates, compresses and encrypts files regardless of type to ensure all data has a second copy in an alternate destination.
Supports complementary data protection solutions
Works in conjunction with full disk encryption.
Low impact / high adoption
Low impact on network traffic and CPU performance ensures productivity. Self-service restores on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web apps make user adoption and engagement unanimous.
Advanced administration
One admin can manage tens of thousands of users via a unified admin console with real-time reporting and administration.
Cross platform
Supports all your organization’s devices and operating systems–desktops, laptops, Mac, Windows and Linux.
Cost savings
Protects against data storage lease overruns and overpaying for capacity during technology refresh.
Reduced migration time and costs
Reduces time spent during tech refresh and data migration and eliminates unplanned downtime.
No data loss following encryption or disaster
Ensures total data retention via backup. In case of corruption or catastrophe, your data is always there.
Integrates with directory services
Easily maps roles and permissions using directory services integrations.
Supports e-Discovery and legal hold
Supports complementary data management initiatives such as data migration, mobile data access, data loss prevention, compliance and e-Discovery/legal hold.
Unlimited scalability
Puts no limits on storage, bandwidth, file size, file version or file type. CrashPlan backup is as simple for IT to manage as it is for users to use.

CrashPlan Key Benefits

Keep your encryption keys

CrashPlan encrypts data at the endpoint, in-transit and at rest, and gives you the choice of keeping encryption keys behind your own firewall in public, private or hybrid deployments. Only you can view decrypted data; your data is safe from government surveillance and blind subpoena.

Meet your compliance obligations

CrashPlan supports compliance requirements via flexible cloud options, robust security architecture, client-side encryption and real-time reporting.

Trust your archive health to continuous monitoring

Regular archived-data “health checks” ensure files can be recovered days, weeks, months and years after backup. Because it runs continuously and automatically, data is always backed up and ready for restoration or migration.

Choose the right cloud deployment for your business

Choose the cloud deployment model that fits your unique security, privacy, compliance and redundancy requirements.

In addition to public, hybrid and private clouds, Code42 offers Managed Private Cloud (MPC)—an instance of the proven, secure Code42 cloud on-premises in your data center. With MPC, IT gets a purpose-built appliance and software that’s proactively managed 24/7 by Code42 customer support.