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Inside Jobs. Cloud Technologies & The Modern Workforce

Tommy Todd is the Vice President of Security at Code42. In this episode of Inside Jobs, Tommy joins host Shannon McKinnon of Cybercrime Magazine to discuss the way cloud technologies are shaping the modern workforce, why cloud tech is particularly vulnerable and more.


Key findings in this podcast:

  • Users are just one click away from putting data at risk
  • Many users are logged into a sanctioned device and simultaneously logged into an unsanctioned cloud-based solution, making it harder to see where data is going within your organization
  • Tools are instituted without a proper level of education and training
  • 15% increase in cloud-related data exfiltration activity 
  • Organizations are moving towards cloud-based technology to store valuable source code

About the Author

Tommy is the Security Product Evangelist at Code42. With over 20 years working in cybersecurity, Tommy is CISSP certified, a data privacy rights public speaker and a thought leader in the encryption space. Before joining Code42, Tommy spent 8 years with Symantec focused on data protection and data privacy customer strategies.

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