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Incydr Product Demo With Code42's VP of Security


Vice President of Security at Code42 gives an advanced demonstration of the Code42 Incydr solution.


Incydr is a data risk detection and response solution that allows security teams to effectively mitigate file exposure and exfiltration risks without disrupting legitimate collaboration. The foundation of Incydr's ability to speed Insider Risk detection and response comes from monitoring all file activity, regardless of what is considered acceptable or unacceptable by security policy. Incydr logs every file event and enriches it with context on the vector file and user to determine what represents real risk. This allows Incydr to not only reduce alerts and investigation time, but also mitigate risk that goes unnoticed by traditional data security technologies.


Get a look at Incydr's Risk Exposure Dashboard and a real-time investigation of file movement in the demo. Or, check out our deep dive demo Why We Don't Use DLP: The Code42 Security Team Shows Incydr™ Instead.


About the Author

Tommy is the Security Product Evangelist at Code42. With over 20 years working in cybersecurity, Tommy is CISSP certified, a data privacy rights public speaker and a thought leader in the encryption space. Before joining Code42, Tommy spent 8 years with Symantec focused on data protection and data privacy customer strategies.

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