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Code42 Live April 27, 2021: Defining Insider Risk with Mark Wojtasiak


Mark Wojtasiak, Head of Security Product Research at Code42 defines Insider Risk as it relates to insider threat. Learn more about our upcoming discussions at


The topics covered in this live stream include:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:30 What is Insider Risk?
  • 09:00 What is driving Insider Risk growth?
  • 19:30 Context is the silver bullet of solving the Insider Risk problem.
  • 25:00 How do you define risk tolerance for Insider Risk? (Discussion of Insider Risk Indicators)
  • 30:24 What would a framework for Insider Risk Management entail?
  • 34:25 DLP ≠ a solution to Insider Risk.
  • 42:35 How to move to a maturity model of Insider Risk Management rather than a maintenance model.
  • 52:20 Conclusion and wrap-up


About the Author

Mark Wojtasiak is a guest speaker bringing more than 20 years of B2B data storage, cloud and data security experience with him. He co-authored the book Inside Jobs with Joe Payne, CEO of Code42, and Jadee Hanson, CISO & CIO of Code42.

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