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A Modern Security Strategy Starts With Your Data

By automatically protecting end-user data at its source, IT and Security teams:

  • Mitigate Risk

    Secure your data with confidence using endpoint backup built to assure enterprise continuity.

  • Streamline Work

    Ease the burden on IT through self-service data restore and migration, security tools and legal hold capabilities.

  • Grab Control

    Manage your endpoint backup strategy and policies with greater data visibility and control.

Mitigate Risk

Employee laptops and desktops are soft targets for crime, leakage, theft and breach. If you cannot reconstruct what existed on the device following a data incident, your organization may be subject to everything from brand repercussions to class-action lawsuits and regulatory fines. When an individual, department or company is hit with data loss, theft or breach, Code42 provides the data and the tools you need to recover. Every time.

How Code42 backs up everyone, everywhere
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  • Choose Your Cloud

    Store endpoint data on-premises, in the secure Code42 public cloud or in a hybrid deployment.

  • Keep Your Keys

    Holding your data encryption keys on-premises negates the risk of unauthorized disclosure.

  • Set Granular Roles + Policies

    Perfectly tailor backup settings, access controls and restore options for users and departments from a single administration console.

  • Support Compliance Initiatives

    Meet compliance requirements via flexible cloud options, robust security architecture, client-side encryption and real-time reporting.

  • Know Your Exposure

    Up-to-the minute backups give you the ability to know with certainty which files are stored on a lost, stolen or compromised device.

  • Secure Data End-to-End

    Data is encrypted before leaving the device and stays encrypted in-transit and at rest using AES 256-bit encryption.

Streamline Work

There are only so many hours in your day, people on your team and dollars in your budget. Your investment in real-time automatic endpoint backup and restore lightens your workload, promotes employee productivity and accelerates data recovery.

How Code42 helps streamline work
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  • Speed Tech Refresh

    Make it easy for employees to perform their own device replacements and get back to work—with little or no IT intervention.

  • Restore From Anywhere

    Restore files to any iOS or Android device—at any time—even out of the office and without connecting through a VPN.

  • Capture Every File

    Files are backed up automatically as they change, giving you access to every file, including deleted files.

  • Protect Every Device

    Back up every file on Windows, Linux or Mac laptops and desktops, with a consistent experience across all platforms.

  • Speed and Simplify Legal Hold

    An integrated legal hold web app gives litigation staff the ability to conduct preserve-in-place legal hold with no disruption to employees or IT personnel.

  • Support Employee Productivity

    Silent, automatic and continuous backup protects user's work and makes file recovery self-service.

  • Recover From Ransomware

    With copies of your company data securely protected, recover from malware fast—and never pay the ransomer.

  • Respond and Remediate Data Incidents

    Know with certainty what files existed on a stolen or breached device to accurately report and reduce risk of non-compliance and fines.

  • Shorten Time-to-Recovery

    Rapidly audit, view and recover data following data loss, device failure or theft, ransomware, malware or disasters.

Grab Control

With one system for comprehensive visibility and data management across every computer in the business, you'll know who had what data when and where it moved.

How Code42 helps you gain control of enterprise data
  • Centralize Your Data

    Whether you have 100 or 100,000+ users, you can centralize your data, monitor backups, and manage your deployment and devices via a single admin console.

  • Investigate Faster

    Search the content of a user's archive to find sensitive files, confidential information, or data subject to legal hold.

  • Make Data Leak Visible

    Shed light on the data moving to and from endpoint devices to gain a single point of visibility and control across every employee.

  • Integrate and Analyze

    Get more from your data when you use the Code42 API to integrate with data analytics, monitoring and visualization services.

  • Accelerate eDiscovery

    Build upon your stored data set by automating preserve-in-place legal hold and ingestion of data into eDiscovery solutions via the Code42 API.

  • Monitor Cloud Activity

    Determine if files have been transferred to personal cloud storage applications like Dropbox.

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