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Code42 + Zapproved

Integration Overview

Quickly initiate legal holds, track compliance and generate a defensible audit trail

Zapproved Legal Hold Pro makes it easy to initiate legal holds, track custodian compliance and generate a defensible audit trail of activity. Code42 uses a lightweight agent to continuously collect every version of every file on laptops and desktops without disrupting end users. When integrated, Code42 and Zapproved provide a strengthened e-Discovery process that enables administrators to apply in-place preservation holds to custodian computer data in order to prevent spoliation and reduce risk.

Preserve endpoint files for litigation in three steps

  1. Create a legal hold notice using Zapproved Legal Hold Pro. You can customize your legal hold language, attach a questionnaire and schedule automated reminders to boost compliance.
  2. Click to preserve custodian computer data. Zapproved Legal Hold Pro will automatically send the request to Code42, log the activity in your report center and create a defensible audit trail.
  3. Sit back and relax. Code42 will automatically update the custodian's preservation policy to prevent the accidental or intentional destruction of data.
Integration Benefits

Streamline the eDiscovery workflow
Code42 and Zapproved make it easy for legal teams to manage legal holds, track compliance, apply in-place preservation holds to computer data and create a defensible audit trail of activity.

Discontinue manual data collection
Code42's continuous file collection empowers legal teams to preserve data on laptops and desktops without any manual data collection. IT teams save time since they no longer need to confiscate devices and make forensic copies. End users maintain productivity since they can continue their work uninterrupted.

Reduce litigation costs
Files subject to legal hold often need to be preserved for years at a time. Code42 offers unlimited cloud storage so you never need to worry about legal hold retention requirements eating into your storage costs or cutting into IT's device inventory.


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