Finding Public File Links
in the Cloud

Use Case

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Advanced Exfiltration Detection

Understand how data is shared outside of your organization.


Find and investigate public file links in cloud

Cloud security is failing every day due to public file share links - content that users deliberately or accidentally expose to outsiders or to unapproved users within the company. This presents significant gaps in cloud security and compliance strategies and raises important questions such as:

  • What's going to employee's personal clouds?
  • Who's making a link public instead of sharing it with specific people?
  • Are departments or teams using other/non-sanctioned clouds to get their work done?
  • Are contractors getting more visibility than they should in these clouds?

Code42 Next-Gen DLP provides a comprehensive solution to understand how data is shared outside the organization. This approach doesn’t block or shut down sharing, ensuring that organizations are protected while there is a free flow of information between partners, customers, and users in general. Next-Gen DLP empowers you to:

  • Identify files that are going to personal clouds
  • Understand who’s sharing links publicly and why
  • Mitigate instances of non-sanctioned clouds
  • Gain visibility into cloud privileges extended to contractors or other third parties

Code42 Next-Gen DLP provides a proactive mechanism to understand sharing details (across endpoints and cloud services) and take action with valuable insights.


  1. Pinpoint the share...and more. Locate the share link and immediately drill into the who, when, what and where to assess your risk level. Connect the dots and access the complete files...anytime.
  2. Be proactive. Next-Gen DLP allows you to save searches on specific sharing criteria that saves valuable time from finding them each time. Run reports and set up custom alerts to respond to risk immediately.
  3. Without policies. With an approach that treats all data as important, rid yourself of the policies and classification that slows down your security protocols and focuses on getting you all the answers you need - without the administrative burden.
  4. Enable productivity. Users shouldn’t have to be victims of outdated and mundane security policies - that don’t work. Next-Gen DLP provides a platform that balances risk and trust to ensure your business flow isn’t disrupted.

Identify where and how files move

Next-Gen DLP detects file movement to removable media and cloud sharing services.