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Insider Threat

Protect your IP from insider threats during mergers and acquisitions.


Protect IP during mergers and acquisitions

Data loss is increasingly common in M&A for the same reason it's increasingly common throughout the business world: More than half of all enterprise data now lives on endpoints, beyond traditional visibility and security tools centered on a network drive or central server. If the target company can't see what its employees are doing with data on their laptops and desktops, then a potential buyer has near zero visibility. IP is what an acquiring company is buying—the info that is critical to the value and competitive advantage gained through a deal. This raises important questions specific to IP:

  • Are you aware of all the IP within the target company?
  • Can you be sure all this IP will come with the deal?
  • Can you be certain it won't leak to a competitor?
  • How quickly can you protect data across companies?

Code42 Next-Gen DLP provides comprehensive data loss protection during mergers and acquisitions. By collecting, protecting and securing all data living on a target company's endpoints —before, during and after a deal, Code42 mitigates the risk of insiders exposing or selling newly acquired IP. Additionally, a cloud-based rollout strategy ensures your expanded users are immediately protected with no impact to productivity.

Next-Gen DLP empowers you to:

  • Quickly become aware of all IP within the target company
  • Ensure no IP is lost during the transition
  • Understand where potential IP is - Who is taking it? Where are they transferring it?
  • Quickly deploy Code42 Next-Gen DLP across all your new users to ensure immediate DLP (Data Loss Protection)

Code42 Next-Gen DLP gives you the perfect data loss protection platform to ensure smooth and efficient mergers and acquisitions.


  1. Deploy in days, you don't have months. Code42 Next-Gen DLP deploys and scales to thousands of users in days. Technology should enable your mergers and acquisitions, not slow them down.
  2. Continuous and automated data collection. Quickly understanding all associated IP on target companies is valuable to the success of any M&A.
  3. File exfiltration detection. Immediately detect situations of insider threats by understanding who is taking what IP and where it's going.
  4. Device migrations in 30 minutes. Get your new users up and running in as little as 30 minutes, without ever having to issue them a loaner. Cloud-based data and profile transfers ensure seamless IP protection and productivity across the board.

Protect your data during mergers and acquisitions

Code42 Next-Gen DLP makes M&A smooth and efficient