Lost or Stolen Laptops

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Real-time Recovery

Respond quickly when data loss strikes


Rapidly recover lost, deleted and ransomed files on laptops

Laptops have become synonymous with today's mobile and ever-moving workforce culture. Unfortunately, they also represent the most common vector for data loss - whether by loss or theft. This presents significant security concerns primarily pertaining to the data on the device itself. Then there's the time associated with providing the affected user with a new device that has all the data and settings exactly the way it was. Challenges typically fall into the following categories:

  • Was the data on the stolen or lost laptop valuable IP?
  • How frequently was data from the device collected? Could I be missing critical data?
  • Can I prevent access to the laptop that has been compromised?
  • What are the specific contents of the compromised data, even previous versions?
  • How quickly can I get the affected user back and running on a device with everything intact?

Code42 Next-Gen DLP provides a powerful platform that allows for rapid recovery of lost, deleted and ransomed files. A single and lightweight agent frequently collects all files from issued laptops to ensure there are no gaps in data protection strategies. In addition to the recovery of files, Next-Gen DLP goes the extra step of providing you the ability to investigate the file contents and quickly gage risk to your organization. Issuing new laptops to users with all data and settings restored becomes a matter of minutes, not days.

Next-Gen DLP empowers you to:

  • Quickly assess whether valuable IP has become compromised
  • Understand the collection frequency and data protected over the lifespan of the laptop
  • Immediately lock down laptops and desktops to prevent data from being accessed when a device is lost or stolen
  • Retrieve actual file contents so you can determine whether a file contains sensitive data
  • Provide a new laptop to an affected user with all data and user settings intact - in minutes!

Code42 Next-Gen DLP gives you a unique edge to recover data when laptops are lost are stolen. In addition, gain fast and comprehensive security insights to gage risk to your organization.


  1. Recover every version of every file. Recover prior file versions and deleted files. Restore files to their original folder location, to a new location or to the downloads folder. Select files by date, time or version.
  2. Inspect the contents on files. Retrieve actual file contents so you can determine whether a compromised file contains sensitive data.
  3. Speed up laptop replacement from hours to minutes. Next-Gen DLP migrates all files and user profile settings from one device to another, reducing downtime from three hours to 30 minutes per device.
  4. Recover, assess risk and take action. With valuable insights available to you instantly, make an informed decision to revoke access rights to a compromised laptop to further protect your organization.

Recover lost, deleted and ransomed files on laptops

Next-Gen DLP speeds up laptop data recovery after theft or loss.