Forensic and Legal Investigations

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Code42 Forensic File Search

Search billions of security events across endpoints and cloud services–in seconds.


Security investigations made fast, simple and comprehensive

In business, some things are inevitable. Count security incidents in that group. Systems will be attacked, infrastructure will fail, and insiders will pose a continued threat to IP. No matter how well you prepare, there will be incidents that cannot be prevented. At the core of this struggle is being able to respond to these incidents in a timely fashion. Every minute that ticks by enhances risk and financial burden to organizations. In the midst of this chaos, security and legal teams are often accountable to answer:

  • Has my organization been hit by malware?
  • Are critical files being stored on devices that belong to unauthorized users?
  • Has unwanted distribution of confidential files occurred?
  • Are unsanctioned applications in use currently?
  • Are there executable files that reside in unexpected locations?

Code42 Next-Gen DLP significantly improves detection and response times—and the process can be as simple as using a search engine. Next-Gen DLP speeds up investigations by searching billions of security events across endpoints and cloud services - in seconds! Security and legal teams have immediate answers to respond to security incidents.

Next-Gen DLP empowers you to:

  • Find known malware
  • Monitor location of critical files
  • Identify cloud files shared with external users
  • Investigate unwanted file distribution
  • Search for unsanctioned applications

Code42 Next-Gen DLP provides a powerful platform to respond to the most challenging security incidentsin seconds.


  1. Results in seconds—not days or weeks. Next-Gen DLP allows you to quickly investigate and respond to security incidents, using one simple search bar.
  2. Investigate even when offline. Metadata stored in the cloud allows for near instantaneous search results for all files across all endpoints and cloud services—even when offline.
  3. Current and historical file events. In security, events are often triggered before the incident itself occurs. Analyze current and historical files events and activity everywhere.
  4. Support corporate litigation. Next-Gen DLP automates the preservation and collection of endpoint files.

Triage and prioritize data threats

Next-Gen Data Loss Protection monitors user activity to detect and mitigate threats to IP.