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ANNOUNCING: Insider Risk Management For Dummies Book

Minneapolis —

The new, free Insider Risk Management For Dummies book is now available – in digital and print formats – for security teams exploring or beginning implementing an Insider Risk program.

The For Dummies book, written in any easy-to-read format, offers security practitioners and decision-makers a framework for the technical capabilities needed for an Insider Risk Management (IRM) solution. IRM programs help digital-first organizations wrap a layer of data security around their collaborative, modern workforces, who rely on sharing data to stay productive and innovative. Included in the guide is a 5-part approach that security teams can follow to launch, maintain and optimize their own IRM solutions.

Code42, the Insider Risk Management leader, sponsored the new For Dummies book, which was written for information security teams scoping their IRM programs and needing help with where to start. For these security teams, the book delivers strategies that can help them combat the 13 data exposure events that each of their employees cause on an average day. The book also rings true for security professionals who have gone through the painstaking experience of managing traditional data loss prevention (DLP) technologies and continue to be plagued by data leaks, loss and thefts. Research has shown that about two-thirds of those organizations have had data loss incidents due to an insider even with a prevention solution in place at the time. 

WHAT: The new Insider Risk Management For Dummies guide, written by Steve Kaelble, is now available in digital and print formats.

HOW: Secure a copy of the guide

LIVE WEB EVENT: As part of the special launch of the new Insider Risk Management For Dummies book, there will be a Code42 Live web event on October 12, 2021, as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the For Dummies book series with creator Dan Gookin. Dan will discuss his first For Dummies book, DOS for Dummies, as well as how much tech has evolved since 1991. The talk also will get into the ground-breaking new data security approach of Insider Risk Management.

WHERE: A live webcast will be simulcast to the Code42 Live Events site as well as YouTube and LinkedIn. An on-demand recording will be available on the same day as the live event. 

Learn More About Code42 Incydr and Code42 Instructor
The Code42® Incydr™ product allows security teams to effectively mitigate data exposure and exfiltration risks without disrupting legitimate collaboration. Incydr is purpose-built to help security teams effectively manage the dynamic nature of Insider Risk – that includes prioritizing and responding appropriately to the risks that matter the most. It surfaces the top indicators of Insider Risk and gathers detailed security intelligence about on- and off-network file movements. The Code42® Instructor™ microlearning solution is an Insider Risk education offering that improves Insider Risk awareness by focusing on the creation of holistic, security-oriented cultures. The solution delivers actionable, hyper-targeted and bite-sized lessons to end-users when they’re needed most, helping to change security behavior long term.

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