The Ohio State University Achieves 98 Percent Decrease in Time Spent on Enterprise Endpoint Backup by Using Code 42 Software

Mobile file sync rescues OSU faculty member after hard drive failure abroad; gives her easy, self-service access to CrashPlan-protected research data from smartphone

Minneapolis — Jun 24, 2013 

Code 42 Software, Inc., developers of award-winning, private and public cloud-based endpoint backup solutions for consumers, businesses and the enterprise, today announced that The Ohio State University’s (OSU) mathematics department utilizes CrashPlan PROe to provide faculty, staff and students with secure, continuous protection of university data stored on laptops and desktops.

Since implementing CrashPlan, OSU’s mathematics department decreased by 98 percent the time IT spent installing and managing backup while empowering employees to access and restore lost files on their own. With fewer tickets to address, OSU’s IT team is free to work on other important initiatives, such as transitioning to a more user-friendly/self-service approach to laptop and desktop data protection.

“Tech people tend to get bogged down in the traditional system administration role,” said Tim Winningham, systems manager for the mathematics department at OSU. “Moving to a customer-experience service model allows us to get out of the file server business. Now we can devote more time to innovating and laying the groundwork for university-wide backup solutions.”

One of America’s largest and most respected universities, OSU has faced a continuous influx of consumer devices, such as laptops, iPhones, Androids and tablets. As students and faculty continue to migrate the university's commissioned data and sensitive research onto these personal devices, the mathematics department’s IT team turned to CrashPlan for reliable protection across multiple devices. CrashPlan seamlessly integrated into the university’s Active Directory, and its cross-platform support protects all operating systems in use at the institution.

“CrashPlan has been extremely valuable throughout all the BYOD scariness,” said Winningham. “It’s helped us through this transition period by providing one piece of software, one interface, that’s easily deployable and easily scriptable across all platforms and devices. We look forward to expanding our CrashPlan deployment across the entire college of arts and sciences, so thousands more end users can benefit from it.”

One example that speaks to CrashPlan’s ease of use and utility occurred when a faculty member’s hard drive failed during a trip to South America. She easily and remotely accessed all of her sensitive research data via the CrashPlan mobile app, and then delivered her presentation directly off her iPhone.

“We want to provide peace of mind, not just data protection,” said Matthew Dornquast, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Code 42. “Research universities developing one-of-a-kind, sensitive data need to protect that content throughout its entire lifecycle—from jotted notes on an idea, to experiments, research papers and full presentations. CrashPlan is the perfect solution to help them continuously protect everything.”

To watch a video case study about OSU’s CrashPlan enterprise endpoint backup implementation and data protection experiences, click here; to read an in-depth case study, click here.