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Instructor™ Product Plans

Instructor Lesson Packs are available both out-of-the-box or customized for your organization.

Improve your incident response process with Instructor lessons

For customers using Incydr, send Instructor lessons to users when Incydr detects risky activity. If you want to customize Instructor with your own branding, we can do that too. Lessons are SCORM ready and can be uploaded to your existing learning management system. 

Title for screen readers
Feature Name Instructor Instructor Custom Branded
Best-in-class Insider Risk Reduction Training. Lessons tailored to help reduce Insider Risks proactively and responsively. Custom branded Instructor Lessons. Customize Instructor Lessons with your company logo and information.
Proactive Lessons
Situational Lessons
Responsive Lessons
Cybersecurity Awareness Training Lessons
Custom Branding


reduction in low and moderate data sharing activity – after just 4 months of using Code42 Instructor.

– Data collected from CrowdStrike, a Code42 customer

Integrate Instructor with your learning management system

Easily plug Code42 Instructor’s video lessons into your learning management system (LMS) in order to send proactive Instructor lessons as well as audit and report on completion rates.

Man on a computer with icons for e-learning concept, webinar online, education and more for their learning management system.