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Incydr™ + Instructor™

Seamlessly incorporate Instructor into your incident response process with Incydr.

About Instructor

Send tailored video lessons to respond to detected Incydr events

Improving your Insider Risk posture requires changing employee behavior. Code42 Instructor is tailor-made to reduce Insider Risk through bite-sized lessons on specific risky data activity. When used in tandem with Code42 Incydr, you can educate employees following data risk events to drive secure work habits and reduce future risk.

Benefits of using Instructor with Incydr


Incydr automatically sends Instructor video lessons based on alert rules defined by the analyst, which means users receive training as soon as they make a mistake.


Security leadership can measure user behavior change and improvements to organizational Insider Risk posture over time. Use Incydr’s visibility to see where Instructor lessons have helped reduce data exposure and where more training may be necessary.


Reduce alert noise and save analyst time. As users are trained on security best practices, analysts should see a reduction in alerts which means you can focus more on high-risk security events.


Instructor’s library of Insider Risk lessons presume positive intent, enabling you to empower employees to better understand risk, do the right thing and reduce accidents, errors and, let’s face it – alerts.

Take a look at how Instructor and
Incydr work together

Instructor + Incydr workflow:

See The Infographic

Key features:

Built into Incydr

Automatically send relevant Instructor lessons at scale based on custom alert rules.

Reference lesson activity

Keep track of who received what Instructor lessons so you have a record of activity to inform your future training strategy

Deliver via email, Slack, or Teams

Send Instructor lessons directly to users via email, Slack, or Teams, making it easy for them to quickly watch and learn.

Communication templates

Leverage 25+ templates to communicate lesson assignments to users, or customize them to your business 

“I can finally focus my time on high risk threats.”

CrowdStrike’s security manager reported a 36% reduction in low and moderate activity after using Instructor for just 4 months. With Instructor automatically triaging events like employees sharing to personal Gmail, he can focus his time on the more critical threats.

Let Us Tell You How

Integrate Instructor with your learning management system

Easily plug Code42 Instructor’s video lessons into your learning management system (LMS) in order to send proactive Instructor lessons as well as audit and report on completion rates.

Man on a computer with icons for e-learning concept, webinar online, education and more for their learning management system.