Solution Brief: Code42 + Splunk

Code42 + Splunk

Simple, fast detection and response to insider threat


Code42 together with Splunk protects critical company intellectual property such as product plans, source code, etc. when employees quit. Organizations deal with insider threats every day—with data loss when employees quit, companies go through M&A, realignments or reductions in force, and when users work on highly sensitive projects. For many organizations, insider threat is an unsolved problem. In addition, incident response mechanisms have a tendency to treat insider threats as point-in-time events that generally start on the day an alert is triggered.

The combination of Code42 and Splunk Security Operations Suite enables customers to:

  • Accelerate the investigation process and make faster and better informed decisions
  • Use their existing incident response workflows and accelerate the time to discovery and remediation when an insider threat event occurs 

This makes security teams far more effective in quickly detecting and responding to risky situations when employees leave the company, when organizational changes happen or when high-risk users are identified.


  • Quickly get analytics and visibility into exfiltration activity 
  • Easily detect Exfiltration activity and integrate into customer specific dashboards and security alerts
  • Utilize the free Code42 App with no additional Code42 license fees. Simply connect and analyze Code42 data.

Key Capabilities:

Code42 delivers valuable data exfiltration information to Splunk which in turn powers the Splunk Security Operations Suite. Customers can now very quickly and easily:

  • Correlate Code42's data exfiltration information with other security events and incidents to get a better and broader understanding of potential insider threats
  • Easily integrate exfiltration data from Code42 into Splunk dashboards and security alerts
  • Quickly contain and respond to data loss incidents
  • Analyze exfiltration data using Splunk's capabilities to discover data insights and correlate different data sets



Respond to Threats Faster: Turn days to minutes

By offering an integration to the Splunk Security Operations Suite, Code42 makes it simple and fast for security analysts to aggregate, analyze, and act upon the value of the insights jointly delivered by Code42 and Splunk.

Why Code42 and Splunk? Just ask our customers

"Together, Code42 and Splunk not only help us monitor data activity, but also consolidate that information for a clear snapshot of what's happening at an individual and organizational level. Having these tools provides efficiencies and enhanced security beyond what we had before." - David Chiang, IT systems engineer at MACOM. Read the full story here.

Next Steps?

Code42 and Splunk allows security teams to detect and respond to data loss threats in a simpler and faster manner. Learn more about the complete Code42 solution or request a live demo of this in action. Download the Code42 app here.