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The Modern Approach To Data Protection

Code42 takes is a risk-based approach to data protection rooted in transparency, training and technology.

The current state of data protection

The workforce is changing faster than ever as we’ve entered a new era of work. At the same time, businesses need to be more agile, more innovative and faster-adapting, driving major digital transformations internally. These revolutionary workforce and technology dynamics introduce immense challenges for security and risk professionals – especially when it comes to data protection, governance and compliance (GRC) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).


of senior cybersecurity leaders report that Insider Risks are discussed at every meeting.

(2023 Data Exposure Report)


are concerned that employees’ cybersecurity practices will be lax in new hybrid-remote work environments.

(2023 Data Exposure Report)


of security leaders expect Insider Risks to increase in the next two years.

(2021 Data Exposure Report)

5 reasons why a new approach to DLP is needed

  1. Employee collaboration encourages file sharing inside and outside the organization.
  1. Remote work hampers visibility to files moving off-network and onto unmanaged devices.
  1. Employees use the tools they need to be productive, causing files to move to unsanctioned cloud services and storage.
  1. Departing employees take sensitive files out of the organization.
  1. Blocking file movement is a less efficient and effective data protection control.

The increased movement to cloud, to collaboration technologies and to remote work has accelerated data protection challenges – specifically the exposure and exfiltration of sensitive data. This is Insider Risk.

Code42’s Solution

Establish a security-first mindset at your organization with Insider Risk Management

Insider Risk Management (IRM) empowers security and risk teams to become better business partners, employee enablers and value creators across the organization through three core principles.


Commit to transparency with employees and executives


Make trainings foundational and create a risk-aware workforce


Integrate appropriate technology products and services

Code42 Incydr™ will check your data protection boxes

Incydr gives you the visibility, context and control needed to stop valuable data from going to places you don’t trust without slowing the business down.

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