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Insider Buzz: Human Element

Let’s Talk About People – The Human Element Behind Data Protection

Insider Buzz - human element

A little about our hosts

Join Security Awareness Expert, Chrysa Freeman, and Alex Matheson, Senior Manager of Education Services, and their guests to learn about engaging employees to protect your data, systems and organization. We’ll cover people, processes and technology, and the important role empathy plays in your data protection program.

Chrysa Freeman - Security Awareness Expert

Host: Chrysa Freeman, Senior Security Instructional Content Designer at Code42

Chrysa has been in corporate security for 13 years. She’s built security awareness programs from the ground up in various industries including retail, technology, and healthcare. She is passionate about presuming positive intent and helping users become security zealots. Chrysa enjoys sharing her knowledge on building world class security awareness programs. She has spoken at Secure360, the ISC2 Congress, The Wall Street Journal Cybersecurity Forum  and the Minnesota Continuing Legal Education Conference. Chrysa received a Visionary Leadership Award at the 2018 Cyber Security Summit for her contributions in this field. 

Alex Matheson - Headshot

Producer: Alex Matheson, Senior Manager of Education Services at Code42

With over 25 years of industry-leading technical training, Alex oversees the team responsible for all Code42 customer learning content. From single-topic on-demand, just-in-time micro training to in-depth certification programs, Alex’s passion is to develop timely and engaging learning experiences for customers, partners, and users. Before Code42, Alex worked in training development and delivery for various high-tech companies, including Imation, QLogic, and IBM. When not in front of or behind the camera, Alex evaluates new technologies and methods for making training more meaningful for today’s learners.

Past Episodes

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Thursday, October 27 – Guest Speaker: Austin Wolf

Tuesday, December 6 – Guest Speaker: Alex Matheson

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