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Code42 Insider Buzz

Discussions about Data Security and Insider Risk Management

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Tuesday, February 28th at 1pm CST

Catch these segments in real-time on LinkedIn Live or YouTube. Or check out the library of past episodes for each segment, which includes both video and audio versions of each episode.

Most Recent Episode

Insider Buzz - The Human Element

Insider Buzz: The Human Element

Join Security Awareness Expert, Chrysa Freeman, and Alex Matheson, Senior Manager of Education Services, and their guests to learn about engaging employees to protect your data, systems and organization. We’ll cover people, processes and technology, and the important role empathy plays in your data protection program.

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Insider Buzz - Blindspots

Insider Buzz: Blindspots

Join Senior Insider Risk Advisor, Beth Miller, in conversations to understand what matters and when, to help better prioritize an organization’s unique threat landscape to avoid blindspots.

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Insider Buzz Tech Tips

Insider Buzz: Tech Tips

Join Staff Information Security Analyst, Austin Wolf, and his guests, as they discuss Code42’s data protection solutions, Incydr and Instructor, from the point of view of the security practitioner. Get your questions answered from the experts to better protect your company from data loss, leaks and theft.

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