Code42 + Zapproved

Turn the power of endpoint data into a complete eDiscovery solution

Partner Overview

Download the Code42 + Zapproved Partner Overview.


Streamline your eDiscovery process

Together, Code42 and Zapproved deliver a powerful eDiscovery experience that leverages existing systems to streamline and scale the legal hold and collections workflow.

Code42 + Zapproved highlights

  • Apply “in-place” preservation holds on custodian computer data directly from Legal Hold Pro with one click.
  • Conduct forensically sound computer collections without IT support.
  • Empower Legal to preserve and collect computer data in real-time without IT support.
  • See a complete audit trail of all preservation and collection activities.

"The partnership between Code42 and Zapproved represents what the next-generation of collections looks like. By leveraging the power of cloud backups for PCs for eDiscovery, legal departments can take an onerous task of retrieving data off of individual devices and do it in a matter of minutes. It’s defensible, efficient and minimizes business disruptions by taking employees offline."

-Monica Enand, CEO/Founder of Zapproved