Stop your biggest insider threats

Code42 delivers the full range of data loss protection through one simple, highly automated workflow.

Code42 delivers a full range of data loss protection
Internal and External Risks
  • User-based risk: Full visibility for rapid detection and response to insider threats.
  • Organization-based risk: Continuous data collection and protection to mitigate risk during M&A, litigation or other organization restructuring events.
  • Device-based risk: Instant file recovery that protects from lost or stolen devices, ransomware and other disasters.
  • Cyber risk: Comprehensive visibility that enables proactive threat-hunting of external cyber threats lurking within the organization.
Collect and Monitor

Automatically monitors all files and file activity for every user and every device:

  • Real-time file watcher continuously monitors for new file creation and modification, and automatically backs up file changes every 15 minutes to deliver comprehensive version history.
  • File data collection works silently in the background so users aren’t slowed down. Set CPU allowances for when users are present and away from devices.
Detect and Investigate

Quickly and easily identify suspicious behavior and rapidly investigate:

  • Across devices, such as flash drives, hard drives and cards.
  • Installed cloud sync applications.
  • Web browser file uploads.
Assess and Respond

Access the exact file(s) in question, determine risk and respond in seconds while:

  • Recovering prior file versions and deleted files.
  • Restoring files to their original folder location, to a new location or to the downloads folder.
  • Selecting files by date, time or version.

"Our initial POC validated that Code42 was easy to deploy and could detect data movement that previously would have gone unnoticed. The POC soon expanded to a company-wide deployment of Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection."

David Chiang, Systems Engineer at MACOM