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Before you upgrade to Catalina, step up to DLP built for Macs

See how Code42 Next-Gen DLP built for Macs will give you powerful tools and simple workflows to see your files, stop insider threats and protect your business.


Upgrading to Catalina will break legacy DLP

MacOS Catalina doesn't allow kernel extensions (kexts) disabling the blocking functionality of legacy DLP products like Symantec and McAfee. You will no longer be able to block risky user actions if you were to upgrade today.

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macOS Catalina Creates Kernel Crisis for Legacy DLP


It's time for DLP built for Macs

Users will want to upgrade and your security team can't afford the risks of lagging behind. Code42 has always been purpose-built to fit macOS by focusing on what really matters—your file data. We watch files and file movement at the file-system level — staying cleanly above the messy kernel level. That means the robust functionality of Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection is not impacted by the security improvements of the Catalina upgrade.

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