Ransomware Recovery Guide

When ransomware strikes, always bounce back, and move forward even faster.

Business Challenge
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Your users are click happy

It is easy to make your users click a malicious link. When they do, your business comes to a screeching halt. Criminals understand that no matter how many phishing drills you run, no matter how interesting your cybersecurity education courses are, they only need to fool one user to compromise an organization.

All the research points to an increasingly difficult prevention challenge:

  • Phishing is more effective than ever. Think users are wise to the phish by now? Verizon found users are actually becoming more likely to click the link. Ransomware is the “phish du jour” with 93 percent of phishing emails now containing ransomware.
  • Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) makes ransomware for dummies easy. Following the trend of the legitimate software industry, RaaS is growing on the black market. RaaS takes ransomware accessibility to a new level. People with little technical expertise can rent ransomware and create their own phishing emails.
Business Impact
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You cannot prevent ransomware but it costs your business days of work

You can’t prevent ransomware, because you can’t eliminate human curiosity. When ransomware hits, it’s the payment itself that makes headlines. However, the true cost of ransomware is business productivity. Dive into the real costs based on research analyzing U.S. ransomware attacks.

The hidden costs behind a $14,000 ransomware payment include:

  • $26,800 in direct lost productivity for every 20 users affected
  • $1 million in lost revenue opportunity is common: Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital lost $1M from lost CT scans
  • $5,100 in added IT costs for remediation efforts (at an average of $100/hr)
  • $590,000 in notification costs for average U.S. breaches
  • $14,000 in ransomware payments

Total cost: $1,635,900

Best Line of Defense
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Your best line of defense is a fast response

Preparing for real-time recovery pays.

The solution
Building a business continuity solution founded on backing up and protecting all data is foundational to recovery. Guaranteeing your users continuous access to all their data mitigates any lost productivity, lost revenue, IT remediation time, and other costs of data loss.

Real-time recovery lets you:

  • Save time. Get users back up and running in hours; not days.
  • Save money. Mitigate risks to revenue by always keeping the business moving forward.
  • Save resources. Streamline help desk ticket, compliance, and reporting workflows.

How does it work? 6 easy steps and done!

  1. Identify the time of infection.
  2. Select the root folder
  3. Choose the point in time to restore.
  4. Initiate the restore.
  5. Let users get back to work.
  6. Adopt the original archive.

See the support guide for detailed step-by-step instructions.

Code42 Difference
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Ransomware recovery that is scalable, reliable, simple, and fast

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  • Scalable. Unlike the competition, Code42 can handle 100,000s of users without a hitch.
  • Reliable. Code42 automatically protects every version of every file every 15 minutes by default—more frequently than any other solution.
  • Simple. Code42 is so easy that users can restore all their files by themselves and keep working while it happens.
  • Fast. Code42 file restores are up to 9x faster than competitive solutions.


If you think your sync and share or content collaboration solution has you covered, think again.

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