Are You a CTRL-Z Organization?

BlackHat attendees know that when data goes missing, data recovery needs to be as easy as CTRL-Z.

Man types at laptop in the dark.

Where does your corporate data live?

Get the vital stats from the CTRL-Z study.


The key to moving forward faster? Click undo.

When mistakes are made, you instinctively reach for the CTRL-Z command. Can data security incidents be resolved that easily? Learn why data security is not only about prevention but how to quickly spot risk and bounce back.


"With Code42, we have total confidence that all user data is safe. We don't need to worry that users will be left dead in the water if a device crashes, or malware or ransomware hits."

Dennis Magbata
Desktop Systems Supervisor

Spot risk. Move forward. Always bounce back.

Learn to recover from data loss with CTRL-Z.

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