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Don't let your inside be your blindside

Do you know how many files your employees have uploaded, downloaded, emailed, AirDropped, Slacked, or shared via Google Drive or Box today? Collaboration tools are great for productivity, but can create huge visibility gaps for security.

In the last five minutes:
  • Jacob in sales sent a confidential client list to his personal email
  • Sophia on the engineering team shared the product roadmap through a Slack channel from her phone
  • Jayden synced everything on his desktop – including your acquisition plans – to his personal cloud

All of these employees are creating risk for your organization. Don’t let your inside be your blindside. Protect your most valuable data with Code42 Incydr™.

Trends increasing Insider Risk

Based on data from the Code42 2021 Data Exposure Report


COVID-19 was a force accelerator and perfect storm during 2020 for insiders to put data at risk.

Employees are 85% more likely today to leak files than they were pre-COVID.


Lack of formal programs

Organizations are faced with multiple challenges when it comes to building and running Insider Risk programs.

More than half of organizations don’t have an Insider Risk Response Plan and 40% don’t assess how effectively their technologies mitigate insider threats.


Outdated tools

Security teams are operating in maintenance mode with outdated tools, which aren’t adapted to the collaboration tech we use in our daily work.

59% of IT security leaders expect Insider Risks to increase in the next two years.

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