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The cracks in our data security defenses:


of data breaches go undetected for months, if not years.*


of data breaches involve an insider.*


of organizations with an insider data breach had a DLP in place.**

prove that DLP offers a false sense of security.

Dissonance in Data Security: Why Traditional Security Tools Aren't Getting the Job Done

A recent Forrester survey of 315+ security leaders revealed problems with using policy-based tools to protect against data security threats. Using tools like DLP and CASB to address data risk creates blind spots to critical data that is hard to tag and categorize – and disrupts employee productivity.

Download the report to learn a risk-based approach focusing on all sensitive files, users and vectors by which those files move more effictively mitigates file exposure and exfiltration.

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Four Reasons Why Insider Risk Management Is Your Most Important Program for 2021

To create competitive advantage, more organizations are fostering cultures rooted in speed. As companies on this fast track double down on time to innovation, time to market, time to revenue and time to customer value, they are inherently introducing more risk from the inside.

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The Solution
How to Solve Common Data Exfiltration Problems

Data exfiltration happens frequently and isn’t always malicious. Security teams need a way to speed the time it takes to detect and respond to data exfiltration activity in order to properly protect their brand, customers and competitive advantage.

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