Self-Service Recovery

Give users the power to bounce back from data loss.

Your users will never lose a file again

Automatically and continuously protect data on laptops and desktops so users can recover files in real time.

Screenshot of Code42 app illustrating how to restore a file.

Help users bounce back fast

They can recover a lost, deleted, or corrupted file in a few simple clicks.

Make users happy

By saving users time, you improve their confidence in IT.

Provide security without VPN

Protect data on devices in-transit and at rest without requiring a cumbersome VPN connection.

Your IT team will never have to recover a file again

Make it easy for users to recover their files so you don’t have to.

Reduce helpdesk tickets

Say goodbye to requests for one-time file recovery.

Monitor backup completion

Gain visibility into which users are fully backed up, and receive notifications when backups have not completed.

Offer cross-platform protection

Provide a consistent experience across all OS platforms: Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Gain time for other tasks

Free your IT team to take on more strategic initiatives.

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Automatically and continuously protect all user data to provide security teams excellent visibility and save IT a ton of time.