Ransomware Recovery

Code42 gets you back to work fast when ransomware hits.

Restore data—no ransom required

Real-time data recovery helps you recover fast without ever paying the ransom.

Be ready for ransomware

Plan for the inevitable by deploying automatic, continuous backup to every user.

Roll back the clock

Restore user productivity by recovering data to within minutes of the attack.

Save time and money

Join the ranks of Code42 customers who’ve saved more than $50,000 in recovery costs.

Take control of your data

When prevention is impossible, recovery is what matters. Code42 delivers the tech you need to bounce back—every time.

Point-in-time recovery

Restore back to your chosen points in time, thanks to real-time backups and granular file versioning.

Cross-platform protection

Protect data on every OS, with a consistent experience across Mac, Windows, and Linux.

User profile backup

Reduce configuration time by recovering both data and user profile settings.

User-driven recovery

Empower users to recover their own data using a built-in Device Replacement Wizard.

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Join over 47,000 world-class organizations using Code42

Automatically and continuously protect all user data to provide security teams excellent visibility and save IT a ton of time.