Legal Hold + eDiscovery

The easy way to collect and preserve electronically-stored information distributed on laptops and desktops.

Your solution to the legal hold burden

Code42’s built-in legal hold functionality simplifies litigation preparation and lets Legal take the lead, minimizing the burden on IT.

App screenshot illustrating how Code42 simplifies legal hold.

Eliminate manual collection

With real-time data collection, there’s no need to manually collect data or deploy a new application.

Cut preservation costs

Preserve ESI without the need for additional storage, so you can reclaim hardware inventory.

Improve employee morale

Implement retention policies without disrupting end users.

A defensible legal hold workflow

Code42 offers a repeatable, easy-to-manage legal hold process that supports chain of custody.

Proactive data protection

By setting granular preservation policies, you eliminate accidental or intentional destruction of data.

Chain of custody reporting

Code42 creates an auditable timeline to demonstrate important legal hold events, like who created and accessed files when.

Unlimited cloud storage

Legal retention requirements won’t eat into your available storage, so you can say goodbye to capacity planning.

Seamless eDiscovery integration

The Code42 API makes it easy to integrate end-user data into your chosen eDiscovery system, with data integrity and authenticity intact.

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