Endpoint Backup + Restore

Recover end user data in real time with the cloud platform used by more than 47,000 organizations worldwide.

Bounce back—no matter what

With Code42, you protect files as they’re created, so IT and users can restore files anywhere, anytime.

Code42 app screenshot illustrating how easy it is to restore files anywhere, anytime.

Remove human error

Automatically protect endpoint data—no user intervention required.

Return users to work fast

Recover lost or deleted files in a few easy clicks. Better yet, let users do it themselves.

Get more value out of end-user data

Leverage a complete repository of your end-user data to see high-risk activity and make migration easier.

Protect every user, everywhere

Here’s why seven of the world’s 10 largest technology companies trust their data to Code42.

Recover 1 or 1,000 files

Get back up and running fast—whether you need to recover one file, one folder, or the whole device.

Strategic deduplication for fast recovery

With client-side deduplication, you restore files quickly, since there’s no need to aggregate data from multiple repositories.

Scalable administration

You get the software ranked easiest to implement, plus it’s easy to maintain: a single admin can manage more than 100,000 users.

Secure, unlimited cloud

Encryption keys are stored separately from data, so you can safely enjoy unlimited cloud storage.

No disruptions

With continuous endpoint backups and customizable CPU settings, Code42 works silently in the background so your users stay productive.

Cross-platform protection

Support user preference by protecting data with a consistent experience across all OS platforms: Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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Join over 47,000 world-class organizations using Code42

Automatically and continuously protect all user data to provide security teams excellent visibility and save IT a ton of time.